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Belonging July 10, 2017

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When I was young, the map was laid out and the navigation locked.

I never accounted for you.

Far and wide. Back and forth, I travel.

But never saw, home, until you.

Find me there.

Wrapped in warmth.

Pain and sorrow.

Love and joy.

More wins than losses.

More love than pain.

The horizon is crystal clear, though the path muddle.

Take my hand.

We’ll take turns bearing the weighted souls.

Find ways to lead each other out of the dark.

When I was young, the map was laid out and the navigation locked.

I never accounted for you.



A Patriotic Duty April 28, 2013

I just finished watching Lincoln, a film by Steven Spielberg. It is hard to mention this film without commenting on the absolute genius that saturated this film. The production value was beyond what most minds can comprehend. I was sent back to a time of division and confusion. Fear drove people into physical and political catastrophes. But the one man with most weight to bare had the clearest of heads, President Lincoln. He saw things that not even the abolitionist saw. He saw both the political and human side to what caused the civil unrest in the country. In a world where everyone only saw black and white, this man saw the gray. That is talent. That is leadership. And although it still took us hundreds of years for us to see…we have seen it. There was no one else that could have done that job.

Watching this movie and Daniel Day Lewis’ depiction and interpretation of the man, Lincoln as well as the President Lincoln has only cemented the constant comparison of President’s Lincoln & Obama. Two unlikely men plucked from obscurity with a purpose and conviction. Both men exercising compassion and respect, even to those who refuse to reciprocate. Both share their knowledge freely without reservation. Both passionate about their ideals and yet…both men will bend with understand and rationalization. At the same time never compromising what is truly right, taking human rights to it’s complete literal form. Both disrespected, questioned and rebuked every step of the way, yet elected & entrusted with the state of the union twice!

Sovereignity. Democracy Representation without taxation. Freedom. 50 free states of a united union. What do these things mean to you? Does it mean that no one man has absolute power in this country, we all have some sort of say, thus we are equal? Does it mean that we question without question? That we question without thought or reason, but because a question should be asked and it is our democratic right? Does it mean we answer when asked to serve? What does it mean?

I had a pretty good idea of what it all meant to me? I understand Democracy and involvement as a personal choice to exercise as you see fit. That was before I watched Lincoln and realized I am living in a repeat historical performance. We may not be in a state of civil war through battlegrounds and state secession. But we are in a state of civil unrest. And our leader is being met by opposition for the simple sake that people like to excercise their right to question. So what of governing if we continue to politic? I have always believed that God created us in a way to create and evolve. The idea of government was put into our heads meant for creation and evolution…not for perfection. An imperfect man cannot create a perfect system. Politicking and not taking care of the system as it stands is not what the government was created for. Government is in place to take care of the state or the union, country or a people. However you would like to call it, that is what it is for. Why elect a person if you are only going to work to prevent them to succeed, or stand by and watch them drown? How is that fixing the state of your country. Political parties do not create jobs. People create jobs. Political parties do not end wars, people end wars. We condemn President Obama before he has even had his morning coffee. For what? How does berating the President help our situation?

Alright so the man was voted in and you didn’t vote for him. Okay, that can sting a bit. But he’s elected, he’s here now for the next 3.5 years with a 6 month lame duck period. There is nothing you can do but try and help him do the best job he can do while in that office. You see he was destined to be in the office. Every single leader was placed there for a reason. A lesson, a moment or change. Even President William Henry Harrison had a reason to hold the title and office. And it’s to be respected and learned from. Four years is a lot of time to either change the world or destroy the world. What side are you on? Creation? Or destruction? It is my patriotic duty to support the President I did vote for and the President I didn’t vote for. It is my right, my honor and my privilege as a free American Citizen living in a democratic state. I will question when the time comes to question and I will trust when the time comes to trust. And I will move on…always. This should be the American way!



Masks November 9, 2012

Lips trip over untruths to satisfy a heart

To rectify an action that cannot be undone.

But who’s truth do you speak?

What lies are tattooed on your heart?

Your eyes are a thinly veiled mask that cloak the truth

if there is a truth.

I may now never know.

My mind aches from running laps trying to keep up with your words,

but my soul is tired.

My heart no longer cares as it comes to the resolution that it doesn’t matter anymore

You do not matter anymore

Like a snake in the grass you shed the skin I once knew becoming a new

I fear snakes

Keeping my distance I watch you slither away through the weeds of lies you have allowed to grow around you

I prefer thick green blades of truth watered by love

I am do not have the energy to chase you

I am not going to run from you

I will simply exist without you


A Lot Like Love, You And Me October 17, 2012

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It’s the darkness that brings the words.

The light will bring the love.

But the truth is always forgotten.

Magnets drawn together in a way not known before for simple reasons that are complex in nature.

We are one.

We don’t want to know that we are suppose to be on this journey as, you and me.

We could be one.

So we water it down with smiles & innuendoes.

We hide behind names and words for protection against this power that constantly pulls us.

We lie to them and me and we

to preserve our own selves from the heavy knit shroud of blanket as warm as Grandma’s quilt.

You haven’t stopped loving me

You will never stop loving me

Open your mind to the possibility that a connection exists through all emotion

If urges are there,

Passion flows

through text, speak or gesture

love blooms once more.

Forever skating just underneath the outer epidermis of skin.

Mind tricks don’t soothe the soul

You can’t fake truth.

Live and let be.

Marry her

I will marry he

It happens often, there is so much room for new love when you stay open

It’s okay that I am still there

You made me ready to receive a new love that’s crossing over into view

We never quite were

Almost meant to be


Yet I still remain

Because it’s a lot like love, you see.


Bowl For Barack September 20, 2012

My friends over at Barack The Vote are co-chairing a GREAT fundraising event that will take place in four different cities simultaneously on October 3rd. The Barack The Vote Founders, Brandon & Lorielle Broussard along with a 100 other supporters will co-chair Bowling For Barack at various Lucky Strike locations in San Francisco, DC, New York City & Miami. If you are going to be in one of the those cities on the 3rd of October, I would suggest you participate. It’s a fun way to hang with other supporters and support our President’s re-election WIN! My mama always said put what you want out there in the Universe…so I’m already calling President Obama’s win! Anyhow, check out the info below and try to make it!

Fellow Obama Supporters,

Please join the Obama Victory Fund for Bowling for Barack: a debate-watch party with supporters like you in four cities – New York City, Washington DC, Miami Beach and San Francisco at the respective Lucky Strike Bowl location in each city.  The event is from 6:00 to 9:00 pm EST on the east coast and 6:00 to 9:00 om PST in San Francisco.  

Tickets can be purchased at the following links: 

Contribution levels

 $1,000 Event Sponsor | VIP Access

$  100 Bowling Admission

$   25 General Admission

Please Like our Facebook page to receive VIP and surrogate announcements:

Hope to see you October 3rd


Love at 22… September 17, 2012

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…I remember you. The wind was crisp that night. Screaming and running through the small spaces between the buildings surrounding us. I don’t really remember getting to this place. This corner, downtown in the middle of the night. It’s eerily quiet for a weekday, even if it is 9pm. We haven’t passed a student, businessman, professor, or doorman for several minutes. Or maybe we have and we just never noticed. Maybe because all I can see is you. I don’t know if this has ever happen to me before. Grant it, I just turned 22, but this moment. This standing on a corner, with a light misty rain falling on me, looking up into your eyes trying to think of everything I can say to stall so I can just keep staring into your eyes. Staring deep into your blue eyes on this corner in one of the most romantic, sexiest cities in America. I must be dreaming. Or in one of my own movies. But if this were a movie then one of us would have kissed the other by now. But neither of us will budge. Neither one can move, because at this very moment we have both realized that the other one wants to kiss the other one. I never realized just how beautifully blue your eyes really are. Have they always been this happy and blue? Silence.

Now is the time. That moment is here. My ears are burning and cheeks are flushed, but in this windy misty weather, I can just blame it on mother nature. Though I am sure that she knows that it’s the fact that he is so close to me. When did he get this close to me? This goofy smile on my face won’t go away. He’s smiling and studying. Studying my face. Looking into my eyes. My eyes are brown. Do you see how brown they are? What do you see when you look at me. Silence. A face shift and I see it. I see how beautiful I am. He has become a mirror by the way he just looked at me. The man who once said I love you, never looked at me like this. This is different. He sees me differently. I’m a different beautiful to him. I love it. I want to be this beautiful forever. Is he going to kiss me? I want him to. Then I don’t want him to. I’m not ready for that kiss. Although right now, on this quiet corner, on this stereotypical San Francisco night as the rain comes down heavier on my head, that kiss would be so damn perfect. It would be the movie kiss to end all movie kisses. He wipes a few drops of water from my nose. Just kiss me. Kiss me or say something. I can’t. I’ve forgotten how to speak. I just smile and he smiles back. And suddenly with a dark flicker in his eye, I see it. The kiss. His intention. It’s here. The moment.

Suddenly for the first time in cab history, without being hailed a cab pulls up ready to take me home. Really? Of all the nights. When I don’t hail a cab, one approaches, ready for me. Breaking the moment, waking us from this spell. He grabs my hand and makes tiny circles on the back with his thumb. Everything moved in slow motion after that. Somehow I got in a cab. Somehow we said good-bye like we did every other night in the Bart station. Somehow it went back to normal…and yet…as the cab drove off I found myself turning around to get one last glimpse of him in the rain. And I found him staring back at me with a smile. A gaze held until my cab turned the corner.

The line had been crossed with a simple gaze. Our eyes spoke volumes. I knew after tonight, life would never be the same. Love at 22… I remember you.


Clarity September 14, 2012

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dare I say

speak of forgiveness

listen to the truths you believe are true

let you speak them

burning my hears

dripping from your lips

you believe them to be gospel

as a fog settles around your brain

I am tired

the fight has become too much

there will be no peace

no solace

not tonight

the wind is too strong

my lids are too heavy

my heart too tired

my body too old

my tolerance too low

the moon is too full

three sides to a story, but who has the truth

who will listen as we ramble on and on

let us sleep

wake in the morning to fight the war in tiny battles

aging us quickly

solving nothing

running in circles chasing our own tails

To sleep we should

dreaming of the past when life was real

when walls were broken and words were plenty

the clock ticks reminding us that we are still alive

reminding us to shut our mouths

perhaps open our arms

open our minds?

dare we say … our hearts?