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Hello Healthcare! June 28, 2012

Why hello, Healthcare! So nice to see you again! Good to know you can never leave me, ever again no matter how sick I get or how many surgeries I must have! It’s great to know that I won’t need to get Emergency Room care any longer!

Last night I went to bed nervous, yet still having faith in the Supreme Court Justices. Having faith that they would see this Healthcare Act as just, lawful and constitutional. Also having faith that they would see beyond partisanship and politics and see just how great this is for ALL Americans. Is it perfect? No. How can any Law, Bill or Act written and presented by an imperfect human be perfect? However, the benefits outweigh the issues. The fact that people will not be discriminated against for healthcare because of their pre-existing conditions is great for this country. The fact that young people coming out of college will still be covered by their parents until the age of 26 when they have for sure secured a job of their own, is American!

People are saying Chief Justice Roberts is now swinging to the left. Listen, Chief Roberts is a patriot and a human being. He thought passed his politics and for his country. Healthy Americans can work and help build a healthy economy. No one benefited from having Americans without healthcare. Things like health, education, food are not privileges…these are rights! How can you have true freedom if you do not have the essentials in life? I urge people stop making this Left or Right, Anti-Obama or Anti-Boehner. AIDS, Colitis, Diabetes, Autism, Cancer do not vote Republican or Democrat. Nor do they affect more people of one party over another. So how and when did treating them become partisan issue? When did our politics take over how we think and care for human beings lives? How can you call yourself a patriot and not care about your fellow American brothers and sisters?

It’s time to really understand how you will be affected by this Affordable Healthcare Act and how it will affect your fellow Americans. It’s time to start caring about your fellow Americans and their situations, whether good or bad because they affect you in the long run. You need people in this country to work, spend and pay taxes…can’t do that if they are dying! Think about it!

To Sen. Kennedy, Sect. Clinton, President Clinton, FLOTUS Roosevelt, Spkr. Pelosi & President Obama… My son thanks you for helping his mommy be the best healthy mommy she can be!


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